Are you one of those who believe that milk is a perfect food? Or are you one of those who have stopped drinking milk because of certain beliefs you have associated with milk? If so, it’s about time to correct these wrong ideas about milk or its products. Milk is a nutritious food rich in essential nutrients for our body’s daily needs. Milk, however, is not a complete or perfect food as others tend to believe. The truth is no single food contains all the nutrients our body needs. Milk contains negligible amounts of vitamin C, niacin and iron. Thus, an individual needs other food sources for a more adequate daily supply of these important nutrients.

Other people avoid drinking milk in the belief that this makes them fat. Milk or any other food is not fattening if taken in moderate amounts. If one is weight conscious or on a reducing diet, one can choose to take skim or non-fat milk or products prepared with this type of milk. These are very much available in the market.

Often milk is also disliked because of its flavor. The lingering milky taste is said to be caused by fats that coat the mouth when one drinks milk. If you have a distaste of the “milky” flavor, then you can take skim or non-fat milk since these will not produce this aftertaste. There is also a lot of milk now with wide variety of flavorings. Others also avoid milk believing it causes constipation. Milk, however, is no more constipating than any other food. When one relies more on milk and excludes other foods rich in fiber, then milk is misinterpreted as the cause of constipation.

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